European Union – United Nations – Public affairs

IDEST is a multilingual coordination agency focused on translation into all official languages of the European Union and United Nations.

Translating is not simply transferring words from one language into another; it is a key component of communication as important as the original writing itself. It is about reproducing in another culture a message communicated in the source language, by transposing it faithfully into the target language, respecting its form and substance.

To produce a high quality text, it must be proofread by another person. The same applies to translation. Another linguist will have the necessary distance to spot errors of language and meaning and to improve the overall style.

IDEST holds ISO-17100 certification (formerly EN-15038), the standard specific to translation services. Its management process therefore always includes the following steps:

  1. analysis of the original text before translation (field, target audience, style, pre-processing);
  2. use of experienced mother tongue translators who specialise in their field and are continuously evaluated;
  3. systematic revision of all translations by experienced mother tongue revisers who specialise in their field and are continuously evaluated;
  4. preparing glossaries, where required;
  5. use of CAT software suited to the customer;
  6. integration of feedback from the customer into the translation memories;
  7. forwarding the reviser’s feedback to the translator, and the customer’s feedback to the translator and reviser who worked on the project.
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