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In Situ
Latest articles

In Situ contains information, by category, found in IDEST’s publications, as well as separate articles published as required. The articles include feedback from our customers and also cover grammatical, lexical and syntactic issues. The blog only exists in French.

  1. Emploi critiqué de «dans le cadre de» Coordination linguistique 30-Oct-2020
  2. Parce que, puisque, car Coordination linguistique 23-Oct-2020
  3. Comment traduire « policy » en tant qu’adjectif ? Coordination linguistique 12-Oct-2020
  4. Rappels sur lesespaces insécables Coordination linguistique 02-Oct-2020
  5. Traduire «to reflect» Coordination linguistique 28-Sep-2020

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