Frequently Asked Questions
This section covers all frequently asked questions. It aims to provide comprehensive, useful information about how we work.
General Information

1. When and how can I contact you?

Our offices are open from Monday to Friday, 8.30-18.00 CET. You can contact us by telephone on +32 2 543 1860, or by fax on +32 2 543 1865 or via our contact form


1. How is the translation volume estimated?

Our rates are usually based on the number of standard pages (1 standard page = 1,500 characters without spaces) in the source language. If your document is in a format that does not allow direct calculation of the number of characters (e.g. paper, PDF), please send the document using our form and we will send you a quote.

2. What file formats can you handle?

We mainly translate files in MS Word format. However, we can also handle other file types, such as Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, HTML, InDesign. Please contact us if you would like to request a translation in another file format.

3. Is the documents' layout preserved?

The layout and formatting of the documents are preserved wherever possible. If layout requires additional work, this will be mentioned on your quote.

4. How much does a translation cost?

Prices vary depending on the length of the text, its technical nature, the source and target languages and various stylistic, technical and time-related requirements.

5. Why do some language combinations cost more than others?

The translation sector is subject to the law of supply and demand – some language combinations are rarer than others and therefore cost more.

6. What guarantees do I have about the quality of your service?

Quality is the cornerstone of IDEST. Our services have ISO-9001:2008 and ISO-17100:2015 certification. For more information about these standards, read our « Quality » page. We work exclusively with experienced mother tongue translators who specialise in their field and are continuously evaluated.

7. What about confidentiality?

We protect the confidentiality of your information rigorously. Information relating to the translation and all other information you provide are treated with the strictest confidentiality. IDEST does not use any online machine translation system. No backups or archives are stored in the cloud

8. What are your terms of sale?

You can download our terms of sale here.


3. Use of translation memory systems entails applying discounts. To what extent do these reductions affect rates?

Where the text needs to be translated in full, we apply the full rate. If a translation memory is used, discounts are applied based on the percentage of matches between the text to be translated and the translation memory. For repetitions and 100% or partial matches, the rate is proportional to the usual price and takes into account the reduction in workload.

4. When and how do I send my invoices to IDEST?

Your invoices must be issued once a month, at month-end. The invoice must include the fees corresponding to all projects completed during the month just ended. Please note that one invoice = 1 month of services. If you are not VAT registered, you must state the legal notice confirming this on your invoice.

Invoices must be sent by email to the address specified in the email containing the invoicing instructions (sent by the administrative department at the time of the first translation job and also available in the translators’ secure area). You must send your invoices within the first ten days of the month following the billing period just ended.

Invoices can also be sent by post. Please avoid any duplication by choosing either the electronic version or the paper version.

5. How is the amount invoiced to IDEST verified and confirmed?

Sway, our project monitoring tool, is used to verify and confirm projects completed and the amounts to invoice. This information corresponds to the initial purchase orders.

6. When are invoices paid by IDEST?

All invoices are paid by bank transfer at 30 days/end of month from the invoice date, provided the invoice has reached us within 10 days following the billing period in question.

7. What are your translation/revision terms of purchase?

You can download our translation/revision terms of purchase here.

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