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Quality control is the cornerstone of IDEST’s strategy and enables us to deliver translations of the very highest quality.
Examples of projects

As testament to the quality of its services, IDEST successfully manages major contracts with the following key characteristics:

  1. a high number of languages (up to 24 simultaneously);
  2. a high number of files for translation (up to 100 per day);
  3. a high number of reference files;
  4. a high number of contributors (up to 50 people on one project: project managers, translators, revisers, editors);
  5. large volumes (up to 1,500 pages per month);
  6. deadlines that are often very tight (e.g. 24 hrs).

For example, for over ten years IDEST has translated all the sessions of the European Parliament from all languages into French. IDEST translates trademark and model descriptions for the European Union Intellectual Property Office (Alicante) and for the World Intellectual Property Organization (Geneva). Since 2000, IDEST has translated, on a subcontracting basis, all publications of the Directorate General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (DG MARE – European Commission).

Quality Control

Our quality control system is founded on the ISO-9001:2015 (formerly ISO-9001:2008) and ISO-17100:2015 (formerly EN-15038:2006) standards.
The ISO-9001 standard focuses on quality management and on customer satisfaction. IDEST has been certified since 2011 and is subject to an external audit every six months. Our quality management system entails the following steps:

  1. adherence to our quality manifesto;
  2. identification of key players and procedures at all stages;
  3. daily monitoring of quality issues by the quality manager;
  4. identification, management and elimination of non-conformities;
  5. continuous improvement by implementing corrective and preventive actions (virtuous circle);
  6. continuously updating all documentation.

IDEST has held ISO-9001:2015 (formerly ISO-9001:2008) certification since 2011: Download the certificate.
IDEST has held ISO-17100:2015 certification (formerly EN-15038:2006) since 2010: Download the certificate - Access the database of the certification body (LICS).

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