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Over 25 light-years serving international institutions

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Translation Agency
IDEST Communication SA was founded on 26 October 1990 by Jean-Paul Dispaux and Odette Liétar, both graduate translators. IDEST currently employs 11 full-time, permanent members of staff and works with a network of over 500 freelance translation professionals throughout the European Union and beyond.

Since 1990, IDEST has translated over 800,000 standard pages into all official languages of the EU in the field of European affairs, for the EU institutions in particular. The sectors covered include the environment, fisheries and maritime affairs, RTD, enlargement, the eurozone, employment and social affairs, and intellectual property.
Quality is IDEST’s top priority
Quality control is the cornerstone of IDEST’s strategy and enables us to deliver translations of the very highest quality.
Examples of projects

As testament to the quality of its services, IDEST successfully manages major contracts with the following key characteristics:

  1. a high number of languages (up to 24 simultaneously);
  2. a high number of files for translation (up to 100 per day);
  3. a high number of reference files;
  4. a high number of contributors (up to 50 people on one project: project managers, translators, revisers, editors);
  5. large volumes (up to 1,500 pages per month);
  6. deadlines that are often very tight (e.g. 24 hrs).

For example, for over ten years IDEST has translated all the sessions of the European Parliament from all languages into French. IDEST translates trademark and model descriptions for the European Union Intellectual Property Office (Alicante) and for the World Intellectual Property Organization (Geneva). Since 2000, IDEST has translated, on a subcontracting basis, all publications of the Directorate General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (DG MARE – European Commission).

Quality Control

Our quality control system is founded on the ISO-9001:2008 and ISO-17100:2015 standards (formerly EN-15038:2006).
The ISO-9001 standard focuses on quality management and on customer satisfaction. IDEST has been certified since 2011 and is subject to an external audit every six months. Our quality management system entails the following steps:

  1. adherence to our quality manual;
  2. identification of key players and procedures at all stages;
  3. daily monitoring of quality issues by the quality manager;
  4. identification, management and elimination of non-conformities;
  5. continuous improvement by implementing corrective and preventive actions (virtuous circle);
  6. continuously updating all documentation.

IDEST has held ISO-9001:2008 certification since 2011: Download the certificate - Access the database of the certification body (BQA).
IDEST has held ISO-17100:2015 certification (formerly EN-15038:2006) since 2010: Download the certificate - Access the database of the certification body (LICS).

Our team
Learn more about each member of IDEST’s in-house team
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Translator & Reviser
Translator - Reviser - Linguistic Coordinator - Co-editor of In Situ
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Translator & Reviser
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What’s new?
Council of Europe
Council of Europe
In 2017 IDEST will start translating for the Council of Europe in Strasbourg. This is an important step which is a follow-up to IDEST’s visit to the Council last December. A training session will be organised in Strasbourg in the Spring, along with the training session organised at the European Court of Human Rights.
Networking Days
Networking Days
At the Networking Days organised on 13 & 14 October in Brussels by ELIA, Jean-Paul Dispaux was invited to speak about EU & UN public tendering in terms of translation.
EU's New Contract for Outsourcing Translations
EU's New Contract for Outsourcing Translations
The European Commission’s new contract for outsourcing translations (OMNIBUS) has come into force on 1st July. IDEST is an external contractor of the EC without interruption since 1994.
In May, IDEST was awarded ISO-17100 accreditation by LICS/Austria. The certificate is valid until 2022 and replaces the EN-15038 certificate awarded to IDEST in 2010.
Long Term Agreement with UN Institutions
Long Term Agreement with UN Institutions
IDEST recently signed a Long Term Agreement with 2 UN institutions : UNESCO (Culture) in Paris/France and UNFCCC (Climate Change) in Bonn/Germany.
Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a customer, translator, or simply want to learn more about translation and how IDEST works?

Our frequently asked questions section contains a wealth of useful information about us. If you don’t find answers to your questions there, please contact us through our contact form.

In Situ
Latest articles

In Situ contains information, by category, found in IDEST’s publications, as well as separate articles published as required. The articles include feedback from our customers and also cover grammatical, lexical and syntactic issues. The blog only exists in French.

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